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Why Be A Solution When You Can Be A Problem


Why Be A Solution When You Can Be A Problem

We A Problem is not just another brand or nifty catchphrase, it’s a lifestyle the creators of this movement use as an outlet to express creativity through artists, music, clothing, and most recently, fitness. We A Problem is collectively making moves as they continue to build their monopoly of brands.

The unit came through with their top artists, Ya Boy Skolla and Ladi G, to rep their “We A Problem” clothing line at MJQ, a popular Atlanta nightclub, that welcomes the eccentric, edgy and innovative free spirits that want to create the world of tomorrow, simply by being who they are and encouraging others to do the same.

Ashley Beaman and the We A Problem crew
Ashley Beaman and the We A Problem crew

According to The Next Phase Entertainment LLC’s CEO DJ Reality, one of their popular tagline’s, “Fuck the Solution, We A Problem,” says it all, “Everybody is so busy trying to conform to what society says we need to do, but you don’t need a solution to everything. Be that outside of the box thought process that makes your own lane.”

With fitness being the latest brand being added just over a year ago, We A Problem has taken their own advice to think outside of the box. “I immediately let it be known, guys if we’re going to have our own clothing we all have to get in better shape,” says We A Problem’s very own fitness specialist, Nephew Da Don. He took it upon himself to train his “family,” and rather than branching off with a separate brand he decided to create the Problem Fitness brand.

Outside of fitness, Nephew is also in charge of photography and graphics, so it’s obvious that his mission is to make sure the We A Problem family is looking good and feeling great. The team has currently released the new logo for the fitness brand, and is in the process of developing a new website to promote their future fitness videos and gear.

Ashley Beaman Blogger/Journalist
Ashley Beaman
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