How Karen Civil Leveraged An Internship To Become A Boss

How Karen Civil leveraged an Internship To Become A Boss

how Karen Civil leveraged an internship to become a boss

If you don’t know who Karen Civil is hopefully this article is a good introduction for you. Her story is probably one of the most motivating that I’ve seen. It shows we truly can all be successful if we go hard toward our passion. Karen was an ambitious woman that just went for it, and is now one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the game. In digital branding shes the truth! I look up to her and the moves she made in the industry. On this blog I’ve talked about the path I’ve taken to get to my current position in the music industry and hers started the same way, being an intern…

How Karen Civil leveraged an Internship To Become A Boss

In my opinion the best way to make moves and get close to people in the industry is by interning. Here is how Karen Civil leveraged an internship to become a boss. Karen was an intern at Hot 97 for Funk Flex in the mid 2000’s. Along that journey she began cultivating relationships with the movers and shakers of the industry. She became the go to for Dipset initially, then became an important piece to the Young Money imprint. While Lil Wayne was locked up she was his voice to the world, and was a big reason he stayed relevant during his “vacation”. Since then she has managed numerous artists including Nipsey Hussle, and has had a big influence on his innovative marketing campaigns over the years.(See my past post) Check out her dope breakfast club interview.

The power of interning
Internships are powerful tools that provide valuable experience. You meet people you normally wouldn’t and you see the day to day activities on how things work. There is no short cut when it comes to relationships, they come second to none in entertainment and in any realm of business. If you’ve ever heard someone complaining because they “couldn’t get on”, it is due to not having strong enough relationships to make the play happen.

Internships allow your peers to gain more confidence in what you do. You and the organization your associated with can both win. In entertainment internships can truly change your life, as is the case with Karen Civil, while interning im sure she handled tasks she did not enjoy (like searching for Cambodian breast milk on the streets of NY LOL, not really, you gotta see Dave Chapelle to get that joke!) I used to have to go on food runs in the wee hours of the morning for Young Jezzy. But in the process people took notice of her work ethic and gave her a platform to gradually take on larger tasks and become a boss!

My point is, get yourself an internship if you want to make a lasting impression. Look at how Karen Civil went from an ambitious youngster that had no industry clout to a don dada in the game! This is How Karen Civil leveraged An Internship To Become a Boss. She just released a new book as well available on Amazon “Be You and Live Civil”



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