How The Colleagues Production team went from zero to producing for multi-platinum artists.

The Colleagues

How The Colleagues Production team went from zero to producing for multi-platinum artists.

Its Saturday April 2nd and my team and I are headed to the studio to work with The Colleagues production team. There are two huge final four games going on but the music is calling! This meeting has been a year in the making–in the past we’ve worked via email and phone, writing R&B, Pop, and Hip hop records for them, they also got us our first situation in Korea on the K-Pop scene. Simply put, we make dope records whenever we collaborate!

The ColleageusXSpacesuitXChrisBoyd
The ColleageusXSpacesuitXChrisBoyd

In the studio the vibe was undeniable! We played some of our new records for them–and they did the same. You can always tell it’s a smash when everyone in the room has that ugly, disgusted face while bobbin’ their head lol! After our session I got a chance to really chop it up with them about their situation and what got them to this point in the game.

How The Colleagues Production team went from zero to producing for multi-platinum artists.

Rewind: Let me give you a little background on The Colleagues team. They were founded in 2008 by KP (Karl Powell) later that year they got their first placement with Pastor Troy, the climb has been steady upward ever since!

Currently their production catalog includes: 2 Chainz, Nipsey Hussle, T-Pain, Plies, Raheem Devaughn, Gucci Mane, MGK and more… They had to bust their ass to get here–There were no handouts given.

During our conversation I asked KP what was the main thing that kept them driven even before any success came to fruition. He said “I’ve always seen success honestly–I break everything down to small itsy bitsy goals–that way i’m always productive and always accomplishing something.” In my opinion this is the best way to accomplish a task, I also discuss this in my goal setting audios.

Along with goals, KP also finds himself listening to Steve Harvey every morning just to hear what type of things the mogul talks about during his positive speech. Its common for successful people to fill their mind up with dope positive vibes before they get into the hustle and bustle (I made that word up) of the day.

Being grateful for your current situation has always been the way KP of The Colleagues operates, it kept him optimistic when things were slow. He reflected on a time when he used to send records to some of the top tastemakers and didn’t receive any love.

However, he always remained confident in his ability and knew that he would accomplish the things he set out to. Nowadays those same taste makers are not only showing him love, but also working hand in hand with he and his team.

The Colleagues Production Team
The Colleagues Production Team

One thing that separates those that are successful from those that stop chasing a dream is the “Go Getter Mentality”. Take action and own your shit! Anyone can start somethin’–But do you have the confidence to keep going if things don’t work out immediately?

The power of relationships is what allowed the squad to get their foot on the doorstep of many great opportunities. KP stressed this when we spoke–he is not afraid of traveling to build a stronger bond with individuals that add value to their team. Do not let opportunities pass you by. If you are blessed with the opportunity to travel–do it! This is what has aided in the success of the colleagues and many others.

These are the type of people I keep in my circle, people that motivate and inspire me. Keep these same people in your circle and let The Colleagues story inspire you.

Be sure to check them out at Trust me they are far from done and we have some things brewing with them. Stay tuned… Peace and Love!

-Stevie Zenith



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