5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another

5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another

5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another

Mindset is what separates those that are a success from those that are simply going through the motions. When you believe you’re the shit, you usually manifest a dope life, given you take the necessary action. The moguls we look up to most exhibit many other things that we can incorporate into the way we carry ourselves. Here are 5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another

5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another

1. Get out of comfort zone
We can learn alot from moguls, they take chances. Do you think they were cool being regular? Nah! They took a leap and put themselves out there, whether it was being someones understudy, or creating something no one believed in. These were all things that can take you out of your normal comfort level. Russell Simmons started a record label out of his dorm room with Rick Rubin, at the time forming your own record label was unprecedented. He did the unpopular and made it popular.

2. Learn from failure
If you get tied up in one of your failures it can ruin you forever. Every mogul has taken a loss in some form. That is not what defines them. It is their success and work ethic. Moguls use what some consider failure, and create learning experiences from them. You learn more in failure than you do in success. Wisdom goes a long way! Jay-Z was passed up on by every major label before deciding to start his own with Dame, and Kareem. We all know how that worked out…

3. Have a team of smart people
Moguls always have a team of individuals around them that are smarter and more experienced in certain areas than themselves. Every successful Mogul you know has people behind the scene getting things done for them. Daymond John has a team of individuals focusing on the daily operations of his business, this allows him to focus on what hes good at, being the face of his brand while providing insane value to the masses!

4. Set Goals
Imagination is important in success, the most successful moguls have a vast one. They see into the future. An artist very close to P Diddy during his rise to the top said that Diddy always envisioned himself in his current position, he knew ultimately where he wanted to end up, from record label to TV network to liquor owner, all of this was planned years before. He took the necessary steps to get there. (No I will not name the artist that I heard this from)

5. Always looking to reinvest
Moguls believe in themselves so much that when they get large sums of money it is reinvested into their vision. They are smart with their financial decisions, this is why they are still relevant to this day. Diddy bought Revolt for close to $100 Million ( I dont have the exact number and he partner with a private investment firm), Jay Z bought Tidal for $56 Million. The list goes on and on. Be confident in your moves!

Overall the 5 Ways Successful Moguls Think Similar To One Another are things we can use to model ourselves after. There is room for more moguls in this game, both men and women, lets be trailblazers and aim to have people talk about our accomplishments for years to come…

Stevie Zenith Songwriter/Entrepreneur/Creative Consultant
Stevie Zenith
Songwriter/Entrepreneur/Creative Consultant



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