5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

We all know DJ Khaled. How could you not? Those “We Da Best” chants in every record become memorable and that’s the point. Khaled has carved out a very dope career for himself. He just dropped his 7th studio album and has experienced a very high level of success. Khaled has sold millions of records and has been able to add value to his brand year after year. Here are 5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

Carved out his own lane
He took his following as a radio DJ and used it to create a unique space that only he can exist in. Khaled is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen as a DJ. Sure DJ’s release projects, but not like Khaled. Everything he releases is an event! His electric personality makes everyone feel the need to buy what he’s selling. He is involved in the whole album making process and is sure to have his brand all over the net. He uses social media to his advantage.

Stayed Consistent
This is the most important aspect of his success. A major part of building your brand is consistency. Every year Khaled has delivered solid album. Not only that, but every album has great singles and feature the biggest artists in the game. This adds to the allure of his product.

Created Memorable Content
Everything Khaled does is memorable lol! His slogans like “You Smart”, “I Changed, A Lot”, and of course “We Da Best” are all meme worthy and quotable. His charisma gets it done every time. He is one of the more entertaining figures in the culture. Peep The Breakfast Club Interview below.

Teamed up with Winners (Power Circle)
When other people genuinely like you its a lot easier to do business. Khaled’s relationships within the industry have allowed him to get the best possible acts for his projects. It seems as if he’s cool with everyone (May or may not be true). Plus hes a part of one of the biggest teams in the game.

Belief In Persistence
In The Breakfast Club above he talked about the importance of being persistent. This is why it seems he is always able to win. He never lets a “No” deter him from getting to success. Even if someone ignores his request he does not hold grudges, he continues to plug away until the desired collaboration comes to fruition.

Khaled is also involved in various business ventures including his new restaurant “FingaLicking”, which is not one of the 5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity that I went over but it could have been. I’ll save that post for another day… Let this be a lesson to those concerned with building your brand, there is not one set way to do things, but if you follow the path that has been paved you might find yourself shouting “We Da Best” too.




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