3 Ways To Dominate 2016

3 Ways To Dominate 2016

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)
(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

If we take a look at the past one thing is clear, those who have taken over a particular year have started early and kept their foot on the gas. Take Future for instance, some say he dominated 2015, whether you agree or not, you have to admit he had the juice! Here are 3 Ways To Dominate 2016.

3 Ways To Dominate 2016

When you’re consistent you gain momentum. I used Future in the intro so let’s take a look at what set him on fire in 2015. Future was consistent AF!! Future dropped Beast Mode to start the year off, then hit us with 56 Nights, Dirty Sprite 2, and What A Time To Be Alive. Every product he dropped kept the internet on fire. Future went hard and didn’t let up, I read somewhere that he made $200k for an NYE show, that would not have happened a year ago. There is no better time to be consistent than right now, you will be in a totally different space a year from now. Take action and stick to your guns. Whatever drives you is what you should be pushing towards. This is your time to get it!!!

2. No Comfort Zone
Do you ever get the feeling that you would be further in your career if you did one extra thing? It might be something terrifying, but you know deep down it would take you to the next level; Or maybe your just too damn lazy to get it done. Either way, if you want to transcend into a new stratosphere you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. The more you put yourself out there, the more dope things will happen along your path. You don’t think Drake was uncomfortable when he reached out to ESPN about hosting the ESPYS?! He embraced the challenge and as a result took off to another galaxy. (He hasn’t taken an L since)

3. Don’t Compare Yourself To Everyone Else
I’m going to be blunt here. NO ONE ELSE MATTERS!!! (Picture me yelling) Your path is your path. The most common road to f#%ing up and losing your confidence is comparing yourself to others. There has been people I used to kick it with in Atlanta that blew up, I often used to compare myself to them and wonder why i’m not at that level. There were also people that I’ve kicked it with that wonder why they aren’t at my level, that’s straight up toxic thinking, everyone has their own journey. Set Goals for YOU, smash em, then do it again. Climb, Grind, Reach, and Repeat! Focus on YOU, then look back at all the dope things you’ve accomplished in 2016. Use these 3 Ways to dominate 2016 The Time is Now! 2016 is going to be LIT!!!!



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