5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

We all know DJ Khaled. How could you not? Those “We Da Best” chants in every record become memorable and that’s the point. Khaled has carved out a very dope career for himself. He just dropped his 7th studio album and has experienced a very high level of success. Khaled has sold millions of records and has been able to add value to his brand year after year. Here are 5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity

Carved out his own lane
He took his following as a radio DJ and used it to create a unique space that only he can exist in. Khaled is unlike anyone I’ve ever seen as a DJ. Sure DJ’s release projects, but not like Khaled. Everything he releases is an event! His electric personality makes everyone feel the need to buy what he’s selling. He is involved in the whole album making process and is sure to have his brand all over the net. He uses social media to his advantage.

Stayed Consistent
This is the most important aspect of his success. A major part of building your brand is consistency. Every year Khaled has delivered solid album. Not only that, but every album has great singles and feature the biggest artists in the game. This adds to the allure of his product.

Created Memorable Content
Everything Khaled does is memorable lol! His slogans like “You Smart”, “I Changed, A Lot”, and of course “We Da Best” are all meme worthy and quotable. His charisma gets it done every time. He is one of the more entertaining figures in the culture. Peep The Breakfast Club Interview below.

Teamed up with Winners (Power Circle)
When other people genuinely like you its a lot easier to do business. Khaled’s relationships within the industry have allowed him to get the best possible acts for his projects. It seems as if he’s cool with everyone (May or may not be true). Plus hes a part of one of the biggest teams in the game.

Belief In Persistence
In The Breakfast Club above he talked about the importance of being persistent. This is why it seems he is always able to win. He never lets a “No” deter him from getting to success. Even if someone ignores his request he does not hold grudges, he continues to plug away until the desired collaboration comes to fruition.

Khaled is also involved in various business ventures including his new restaurant “FingaLicking”, which is not one of the 5 Moves DJ Khaled Made To Increase His Longevity that I went over but it could have been. I’ll save that post for another day… Let this be a lesson to those concerned with building your brand, there is not one set way to do things, but if you follow the path that has been paved you might find yourself shouting “We Da Best” too.


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Why Be A Solution When You Can Be A Problem


Why Be A Solution When You Can Be A Problem

We A Problem is not just another brand or nifty catchphrase, it’s a lifestyle the creators of this movement use as an outlet to express creativity through artists, music, clothing, and most recently, fitness. We A Problem is collectively making moves as they continue to build their monopoly of brands.

The unit came through with their top artists, Ya Boy Skolla and Ladi G, to rep their “We A Problem” clothing line at MJQ, a popular Atlanta nightclub, that welcomes the eccentric, edgy and innovative free spirits that want to create the world of tomorrow, simply by being who they are and encouraging others to do the same.

Ashley Beaman and the We A Problem crew
Ashley Beaman and the We A Problem crew

According to The Next Phase Entertainment LLC’s CEO DJ Reality, one of their popular tagline’s, “Fuck the Solution, We A Problem,” says it all, “Everybody is so busy trying to conform to what society says we need to do, but you don’t need a solution to everything. Be that outside of the box thought process that makes your own lane.”

With fitness being the latest brand being added just over a year ago, We A Problem has taken their own advice to think outside of the box. “I immediately let it be known, guys if we’re going to have our own clothing we all have to get in better shape,” says We A Problem’s very own fitness specialist, Nephew Da Don. He took it upon himself to train his “family,” and rather than branching off with a separate brand he decided to create the Problem Fitness brand.

Outside of fitness, Nephew is also in charge of photography and graphics, so it’s obvious that his mission is to make sure the We A Problem family is looking good and feeling great. The team has currently released the new logo for the fitness brand, and is in the process of developing a new website to promote their future fitness videos and gear.

Ashley Beaman Blogger/Journalist
Ashley Beaman
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3 Advantages To Having An Amazing Mentor

3 Advantages To Having An Amazing Mentor

Teddy Nep

The importance of a mentor is underrated. When you have someone that respects your vision, and has done it successfully before you, it instills a certain swag. Your confidence goes from 100 to 1,000! Not to mention we are in constant contact with someone that understands what it takes to be successful.

I always show examples that are relatable to the culture, so here’s a good one that non music heads might not have known. Pharrell Williams was actually discovered by Teddy Riley. Not only that but Teddy served as a mentor to Pharrell early in his career.

Sitting back watching one of the best to ever do it, while emulating the steps Teddy used to bring a crazy amount of success to his team, was the best things that ever could have happened to Pharrell.

When you are around a high level of success, it makes you elevate your game. The last thing you want is to get left in the dust. Its human nature to be competitive., add some will power to the mix and your workin’ with something!

3 Advantages To Having An Amazing Mentor

Pharrell learned what work ethic was and how to write really dope records. He became hands on with the things Teddy was working on and is actually responsible for co-writing some big records, In 1992 (Wreckx-N-Effect Rump Shaker) and in 1993 (SWV Right Here).

When Teddy signed Pharrell and the Neptunes they were an RnB group that never ended up releasing their own music. Sometimes the path in life that we think we want, leads us to what we are really destined to be. Pharrell is one of the biggest icons today, and he learned from one of the biggest Icons of the 80’s and 90’s. Trust your vision always.

If you don’t have a mentor reach out to someone you respect and see what can be done. Sometimes it costs, but rest assured that it can have a huge impact on your life.

3 Advantages to having an amazing mentor

So to break it down a little further the 3 Advantages to having an amazing mentor are:
1. Forces You To Elevate Your Game
2. Allow You To Become Hands On With Incredible Projects And Spark Creativity
3. Improve Confidence (0 to 100 real quick)

Stevie Zenith Songwriter/Entrepreneur/Creative Consultant
Stevie Zenith
Songwriter/Entrepreneur/Creative Consultant
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How did Nipsey Hussle sell 60 copies of his mixtape for $1000???

How did Nipsey Hussle sell 60 copies of his mixtape for $1000?

How did Nipsey Hussle sell 60 copies of his mixtape for $1000???

Respect your passion…

You can learn something from Nipsey Hussle on how to make it far in life.
Respect your Passion. I know its up front and straight to the point, but self- respect goes a long way in shaping the life you want to have and the brand you want to grow.

If you don’t think you are the shit, then who will? You must value your brand and what you bring to the table.

In 2013 Nipsey Hussle was able to sell his mixtape for $100, and people actually bought it! Earlier this year Nipsey sold his latest mixtape “Mailbox Money” for $1,000 apiece, he was able to sell 60 copies! Why? Because Nipsey knows his worth, and has the utmost respect for it.

Certain people thought he was crazy for selling his mixtape as a high-ticket item, clearly it wasn’t for them. His product was geared towards those that wanted it, and truly respected his work as an independent artist. The same goes for you.

How did Nipsey Hussle sell 60 copies of his mixtape for $1000???

When you have confidence in your product, the price tag wont matter to a devoted fan. I come across many entrepreneurs that are afraid to charge what they are worth for products or services.

I was one of them. When launching my consulting services I was afraid of charging what I knew it was worth, after a conversation with my mentor that mentality had to go!

People respect you more when they realize that you are serious about your brand! How did Nipsey Hussle sell 60 copies of his mixtape for $1000? He put value into his brand. Respect your passion, show confidence in your craft, and ignore anyone that aims to derail your plans! Go get it!

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3 Ways Will Smith Bounced Back After Taking An “L”

3 ways Will Smith bounced back after taking an “L”

3 ways Will Smith bounced back after taking an L

So I was listening to Will Smith on Beats 1 Radio this weekend and he admitted that hes gotten so accustomed to winning over the years, that he forgot what it felt like to lose. That “L” came after the release of his movie After Earth, staring he and his son. It straight up flopped!


If you’ve ever listened to a Will Smith interview you already know why he continuously wins. His drive is through the roof, he stays motivated, and he knows how to manifest dope ish!


Its not often we see Will in a losing space, but I want to challenge everyone to take notice of successful people when adversity strikes and study what they do to overcome it.


Greatness is defined by how people respond to adversity, check out 3 ways Will Smith bounced back after taking an “L”


Back to basics
Will Smith doesn’t stay down for long, after dropping“After Earth” he knew the best bounce back method was to tend to himself. He got back to the things that made him feel free. Music!


In case you forgot, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff won the first ever hip hop grammy in 1989. (Waaaayyyy Back in the day) Hes getting back to his roots and just dropped a banger! Yes I said it, WILL SMITH DROPPED A BANGER, with Bomba Estereo called “Fiesta”. Check it out. He won with this move!

Come Back Stronger
Like any winner, once we take an L we want to get back on the court and redeem ourselves. Setbacks only make us hungrier.


Will is in the new film “Suicide Squad” that is projected to do big numbers at the box office. On top of that he also revealed that Bad Boys 3 is in the works! The bounce back is real!

No F%#s Given- No Fear
Living without fear is something that can be achieved by all of us, I think Will briefly lost sight of that, and began to worry about things.


Hanging with a circle of fearless people is a great way to get out of a slump. You find yourself not worried about losing, and as a result deliver a dope product! In his case it happened to be his kids that provided the inspiration. If you’ve seen a Jaden Smith interview you already know how he gets down. Fear is not in his vocab.


In order to experience true freedom you cannot be concerned about what others think. You know how the old saying goes “Opinions are like _____ everybody’s got one! (Ill let you fill in that blank)


You must have the utmost believe in yourself and what you are doing. Working with complete confidence adds to success. Never be afraid to fall out the sky. Learn from Big Will!

Songwriter/Creative Consultant
Songwriter/Creative Consultant
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