5 Companies You Had No Idea Nas Invested In

5 Companies You Had No Idea Nas Invested In

Nas jumped on my radar as an investor when I had caught wind of his Las Vegas based Store “12AM Run”, 5 companies you had no idea nas invested in I got curious and wanted to find out what other investments Nas had going for himself and I had no idea he was doin’ it like this! Nas is co-founder of venture capitalist firm “Queens Bridge Venture Partners LLC.” My first thought was, why didnt I know this sooner, but then I realized Nas isnt the type that always wants the spotlight. So it seems he has been moving in silence, which is nothing new, hes always been less flashy then say, a Jay-z. Once I glanced over his portfolio I was shocked at the number of start ups he and his company have helped fund, included in that are the 5 Companies you had no idea nas invested in. QBVP consists of Nas, as well as 5 other partners. The diverse collective of investors has helped his firm recognize a dope company from a mile away.

The 5 Companies You Had No Idea Nas Invested In

Dropbox: A cloud storage company that boasts a 10 billion dollar valuation. 5 companies you had no idea nas invested inThey are one of the hottest cloud companies, and have over $400 Million users as well as $8 Million companies using the service.

Lyft: A car service that is Ubers direct rival. Lyft matches a passenger with a nearby driver via the Lyft app downloadable on Andriod and IOS Devices. They have received about $1Billion dollars in funding.

Robin Hood: Has raised $66 Million. Robin hood is a leader in the ever-growning investment app community, many believe it is the best stock trading app on the market. All trades on Robin Hood are free.

Pluto.tv: An online TV Service Provider , with over 100 Channels handmade for the internet. Have raised $13.5 Million.

Meerkat: An online live stream video broadcast app, a similar app would be periscope (See my past blog on how it works “maximize your opportunities with periscope“)$18.2 Million in funding.

Those 5 Companies You Had No Idea Nas Invested In Are Paving the Way for Generations of Wealth

The MC from Queens has realized that in order to attain wealth to pass on to future generations, he needed to be diverse in the way he gets his money. A venture capitalist firm was a great way to do that, and since Nas is already in a great financial space, it was a viable option. If the 5 companies you had no idea nas invested in dont motivate you, somethings up and I want answers!

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Straight Outta Business Sense

Straight Outta Business Sense

Straight Outta Business SenseThis weekend im sure many of you saw the NWA Biopic “Straight Outta Compton”. It broke a few box office records and shows that Ice Cube and Dr. Dre got it right when they pitched the film to Universal, Huge Win! They had a vision for the movie and it surpassed everyones expectations, grossing over 60 million on the first weekend. Im always looking for ways to learn new things and give value to this blog, So I watched the movie from the perspective of a business man. It was easy to see that at the start of their career these brothers were young and Straight outta business sense.

Learn! Dont End Up Straight Outta Business Sense

Straight Outta Business Sense
There is a valuable lesson that we as entrepreneurs can take from the film. The movie details Easy E’s connection with Jerry Heller and the creation of Ruthless records. In the movie the recording contract was indeed Ruthless. They were offered a decent signing bonus, but essentially were giving away an unfair portion of their publishing as well as other rights. All of the members of NWA signed the contract except Ice Cube. This is a perfect example of why we need to be knowledgeable about the business side of any field and also have a well experienced attorney to guide us in the right direction. Getting into a bad contract can cripple someone financially.

From Straight Outta Business Sense–Straight To Success

The two most successful members of NWA are currently Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. Why? Because both men were savvy enough to realize they were getting the raw deal, although Dre signed the contract he was able to get out later, Keeping away from the bad contract proved to be monumental for both careers, this is where the rise of the business moguls began. They are no longer the ones straight outta business sense, they learned from previous mistakes and used it to their advantage. Don’t be naive when it comes to the paperwork, always be sure to understand what your getting into before you sign the dotted line!

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How Shaq Leveraged His Brand

How Shaq Leveraged His Brand

Shaquille O'Neal /Former Athlete/Entrepreneur
Shaquille O’Neal /Former Athlete/Entrepreneur

After watching the espn 30 for 30 film “Broke” I decided to take a look at the other side of the coin. I thought “broke” was good because it helped show me what not to do with my money, but at the same time I still want to model myself after success. So today lets take a look at how Shaq leveraged his brand and created an avenue for other business ventures.

How Shaq leveraged his Brand from the beginning

Shaq has always had a larger than life personality, when he entered the league he made sure that he left his mark, both on the court and off. The fun loving personality carried by O’Neal enabled him to enter the realm of entertainment. Movies, rap albums, shoe deals, and a toy line were all launched due to the brand he created. He used his popularity to capitalize on the opportunity in front of him. Since he entered the league his mother kept him very aware that his career could end at any moment, so he was always prepared financially. It also helps that Magic Johnson was in his ear about becoming an owner to multiple businesses, and his uncle is part of his company (Shaq Inc.) which also kept him in check.

How Shaq Leveraged His Brand After He Retired From Basketball

Once Shaq retired he found a way to take his brand to the next level. The main task for him was to keep his name relevant, he became one of the most loved personalities on the NBA on TNT. Shaq also made sure his company “Shaq Inc.” hired partners that were more knowledgable and business savy then himself. As a result “Shaq Inc.” is now a minority owner in the Sacramento Kings, a 10% owner in Five Guys Burgers and Fries, has his own line with Arizona Iced Tea. Not to mention deals with ICY Hot, Reebok, and others. He makes sure that before he invests in anything, the company must match what hes all about, having fun. Shaqs current net worth is north of $300 million.

Shaq not only was a dominant force on the court but is an even more dominant investor. I know I always say this, but leveraging your current success to build even greater abundance is a must in the realm of entrepreneurship. If you have a brand its important to find avenues that match. Regardless of how you become successful, you must use that success to diversify your empire. Since Ive started studying successful people, Ive noticed that they are not married to one thing. They have many sources of income. Always look for different ways to grow. This is How Shaq leveraged his brand

AimforyourZenith Takeaways
*Leverage Your Brand To Create More Opportunities
*Always Look To Employ People Smarter Than You
*Dont Only Look For Investments that Will Make The Most Money, Look For Things That Bring You Satisfaction (Match Your Brand)

Stevie Zenith- Songwriter/Creative Consultant
Stevie Zenith-
Songwriter/Creative Consultant
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Chamillionaires Masterful Business Moves

Chamillionaires Masterful Business Moves

Chamillionaire Entertainer/Entrepreneur
Chamillionaire Entertainer/Entrepreneur

Many of us remember the homie Chamillionaire from his 2005 hit Ridin’ Dirty. Hes known as the successful rapper that fell off the map without a trace. Well hes actually been anything but quiet, and he never fell off. Busy making noise in the tech realm, Chamillionaires masterful business moves are something we should applaud and strive for. Cham has always had a hustlers mentality, He owned his own record label while simultaneously investing in a houston based car dealership, a model firm, and a tour bus agency.

Chamillionaires Masterful Business Moves have Taken him into the Tech Space

Since taking a hiatus from music Chamillionaire has been busy in the tech space. He began by attending tech conferences and in the process started meeting other investors. Word started to get out that Cham was a savy investor, and once people started seeing a pattern of successful moves, they gained interest. One of his note worthy business decisions was the money he invested into Maker Studios. Chamillionaires masterful business moves aided in the 2014 Disney purchase of Maker Studios for close to 1 billion dollars.

Chamillionaires Masterful Business Moves Show Us That Anyone Can Be An Entrepreneur

Chams smartest move to date is becoming the entrepreneur in residence (EIR) at the Venture Capitalist firm, Upfront Ventures. Upfront ventures is just like other Venture Capitalist Firms, they are investors that pool other investors money together to invest in non traditional business ventures, the bank would not typically fund these kind of businesses. In other words he was put into a position with Upfront Ventures to develop an innovative business that UV can invest in as well as aid in the growth. Let that motivate you! Peep this video of him at the Global Innovation Tournament.

An entertainer that is also handling his business outside of the studio, Cham used the skills he developed while running his record label, and created other avenues of revenue for himself. Takes notes, whatever you are good at you can monetize in more than one way! Hes actually become a name to know in the tech realm. I have a feeling Chamillionaires masterful business moves are just getting started.

Stevie Zenith Songwriter/ Creative consusltant
Stevie Zenith
Creative consusltant

AimforyourZenith Take Aways
Consistently Network
Use what your good at and create other avenues of revenue
Be confident and learn new things that will aide in your power moves

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